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1WKDRSH Transformation to a STAGE 3 Project


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beejay31000 said:
yeah, gave it back to the original owner, i just wasnt happy with it, it didnt have the feel that my 99 cobra had. the car is for sale though, 4k, for a clean 5.0 convertible, it has dyno max exhaust, edelbrock heads, and e303 cam, msd igintion andvortech v1 trim blower. 61k on the odo, top is in great condition. needs a driver seat it doesnt sit up right, new weatherstripping it has some leaks, and a tune. i am looking at getting a terminator within the next week, i already have my loan through everyones favorite bank(nfcu), i sold the infiniti and the prelude, so all i have left is the eagle talon(dd), wrx(wifeys) and hopefully next week a terminator....
DSGinportslayer said:
soooooo sick! is there anyway to put a wastegate on that system or is that just for centrificals?
Turbos have wastegates and blowers have blowoff valves or bypass valves. I believe Roots type blowers have an internal bypass inside the blower.
The purpose of a blowoff valve is to relieve the pressure on the blower impeller in a centrifigal style blower. When the throttle closes that air has to have somewhere to go or it would be trapped between the impeller and Throttle blade, so the blowoff valve lets the air escape and relieves the pressure off the blower impeller. With that said, the path from the intake to throttle blade has no significance in a roots style blower since the blower is after the throttle blade it would have to be inside. Does that make sense to ya?


Pueblo, Co President
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I got my car back today. It made 583RWHP and 592RWTQ!!

Just Joking. I have to get it tuned still. Hopefully I will be able to get it to Greg at R.E.T tomorrow. I will be posting up the results as soon as I get them.


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wikedcobra312 said:
i guess you and phil will be going at it till phil runs out of juice, again, that is an awesome upgrade.
Phillip has been on phone with our friend Matt that has a 8 second fox body. They have been planning a set up for his car as well. I cant wait till he is home on vacation. I personaly put 538 rwhp down. I think after he has a few more bolt on parts added with his super charger and the NOS his car is going to be scary fast. If it doesnt hold together there are future plans for a stroked 4.6. Matt has a 4.6 out of a 05 here already torn down and ready for a nice ride. Nice to know people that own shops with parts laying around...