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First official meeting of 2011

Meeting For march 14 2011. Location to be determined. Me, Tim, Heather, and Ami have met about there times in The past month to discuss this. Se will have a location determined by this weekend. Post up if you're planning to atend. Right now there is 4 of us.

1. Atlblue98gt (Bryan) President
2. MustangTim (Tim) Vice President
3. Mrs.Atlblue98gt (Heather) Secretary
4. MustangAmi (Ami) Treasurer


South Carolina
Cant wait to get started, if saturday was any indication this is going to be a great year for the South Carolina Chapter!!!!!


South Carolina
Monday the 14th is the date that was picked for the first meeting, but mondays do not have to be the day of the week used for all of the meetings. We can change the day of the week to accomodate the members. We are just wanting to get meetings going on a regular basis again, so nothing is written in stone. Bones it sounds like friday or saturday would be a good day to plan the april meeting.
We can set up a poll on the site right after our march meeting. We will discuss it verbally then. Also another this on the agenda, is to plan non mustang events. Such as: going to the local indoor shooting range, or driving a little ways to the outdoor range. Going to a theme park or pool events, etc. Cant wait to hear more ideas.