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Having problems with my 89 5.0

Alabama stang

Well-Known Member
I'm haveing a issue. When my car warms up and under a load on acceleration it is " seems like it is missing. Not a constant miss like a bad plug wire. It kinda a erratic miss. Like it running out of fuel. Runs fine at a constant speed. But accelerate and it goes nuts.
I've replaced the fuel pump 4 times now. New regulator , filter, checked all the injectors new plugs, wires,cap New coil. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Resident Bracket Racer
Sounds like bad O2 sensors. only way to know for sure is to run the codes. You can pick up an eec-IV code scanner for like 35 bucks from most autoparts stores.

Alabama stang

Well-Known Member
That is a good start. I don't know what has been going on. The first 2 pumps where bad. Showed on the gauge. The third. Was a guess. I've got a mechanic that probably run the codes for me for free. But if not. I'll get one. Thanks for the info. I'm like pulling my hair out. Pouring $ into her. I wouldn't mind if it was a bit more drivable


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Get the code reader...I'm betting on the EGR. If you have someone in the chapter that will allow you to swap EGRs, it wont cost you a nickle and only a short amount of time.

Alabama stang

Well-Known Member
Most of the emission components don't exist on the car. And they are saying unless my check engine light is on. No codes will pull up. Here in Alabama that's the first thing to go is the smog pump. My mechanic seems to think its the wires breaking down under a load. But he also said it could be the distributer Car gets good a warm. It starts acting like its misfiring

Alabama stang

Well-Known Member
Ok just going on some other advice. Defiantly will check into a code reader. Sounds like a better route. Rather than to just keep replacing things
Thanks for sending me in the right direction