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How to join in CO


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Hello Tom, my name is Joey and I am the events coordinator for Wicked Stangs CO. The club is fairly new and we are just starting to recruit and expand, its great to see someone interested in Denver! We have a good grou p in Pueblo, working on getting a springs crew setup and if interested, we need a point of contact in Denver. The president is Albert, if you go to the Colorado section, you can PM him and he can get you going.
What's his name on here and I was in the military out in San die and just moved out here. Is there not a Denver chapter at all? And what is Alberts name on here? Please contact me at 720-474-5079


Pueblo, Co President
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Hey Tom I will be in Denver for a bit on June 5th. We can try to meet up if you want. You have my number.

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