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Oklahoma City News Letter

Nice news letter! Well noob here great site from what i have seen. Thanks to planes on directed me to your guys site. Hope to see some of you guys around!

Ronnie Friedline

Well-Known Member
Anytime man, we have a wed night cruise tomorrow... feel free to hit us up on facebook as well Team Wicked Okc. Details always on there as well we are trying to get our new facebook page built up that is also linked to National.. Anytime you got questions or ideas or anything hit us up.

Ronnie Friedline

Well-Known Member
Loves on SE 89th st, off I-35. between 8 and 8:30 pm is when people show up.. usually only between 12 and 16 cars... Trying to get it to grow, more of a recruitment night. Bring anyone interested man.. hit us up, you can feel free to text me, 405 883 8397. What car do you have?
Well sounds great! Well it all depends when i get home and jump on my project. I have mid pipe install once i get home. Be nice to finish it so everyone can hear it. I drive 13' Shelby