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Possible #8 in the making?


New Member
Hey guys, first post..been lurking around the forums here for awhile now. I own a 2011 metallic silver GT/CS with a couple mods done. Finally bought a tuner and Steeda intake and have heard nothing but great reviews for a tune through Shaun@AED. I sent him some data logs and he replied that i have a cyl #8 failure coming and to not do anymore WOT with it. He wants me to get a compression check done for obvious reasons and that will be happening tomorrow on base. He said depending on how the results look he could correct the problem. My question is if anyone here is good at checking out how the engine looks with the data logs i have? i don't doubt Shaun i just want a second opinion as i've never tuned my vehicle in the past and its never been to the track. I have never thrown a code or check engine either. I've uploaded them to mediafire below.