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The tuning school and hp tuners rocks


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Alright Everyone,
Just to let you know, I have been hard at work with getting a couple of more tuning classes under my belt:)

I am in the HP Tuners Class right now and all I have to say is wow, this software is awesome hope they continue to make it for the FORD folks. Here I am in class representing us to the fullest. Have my family on the front page:)

I am taking the GM Vehicle Basic Class at the moment and man they are alot easier to tune then our cars:( Not to worry it the same for the Ford:)

Below are some pics of stuff in my class...

Here is my instructor IAN awesome person.

Here is Dante and I chillin in class:)

This is Bob the founder of The Tuning School and awesome person.

Ford V8 Tuning
Forget those external flash devices and separate tuning/scanning hardware and software packages, ALL-IN-ONE Ford tuning and scanning is here! Now you can tune GM and Ford using a single interface HARDWARE *and* SOFTWARE from HP Tuners. Our fully integrated solution encompasses hardware, software and licensing structures to minimize any non-tuning related learning or re-training.

From a hardware perspective our existing and proven MPVI hardware was designed with Ford protocol support from it's initial launch in 2006 and provides the same robust base for Ford tuning. VCM Suite software integrates Ford tuning into a familiar look and feel for existing users. Keeping the tuning experience as close to our existing GM solution was paramount to avoid re-learning administrative tasks instead of getting on with the job of Ford tuning itself. There are many new and unfamiliar parameters to edit for Ford vehicles and where possible we have maintained a similar functional grouping to the GM product. Basic functions such as reading, writing, table editing, comparing and other features remain consistent across both Ford and GM applications. Lastly, our licensing credit system has proven extremely popular and easy to use and it makes sense that Ford would fit right into the existing system with minimal confusion. Users will now be able to purchase "Ford credits" which are used and applied for Ford vehicles in exactly the same way in which GM credits are used for GM vehicles on the same MPVI hardware. Both single vehicle and year/model license types will be supported initially and additionally a new "VCM Suite Ford" base package that ships with 8 Ford credits is available to new customers and dealers.

To summarize:

* existing MPVI hardware
* VCM Suite software
* no external flashing devices
* all-in-one Ford and GM tuning solution
* seamless user interface
* consistent credit based licensing system
* new VCM Suite Ford base package

Supported Ford Vehicles:

* 05-09 Ford Mustang V8
* 04-07 Ford F-Series V8

This is our first step into the Ford tuning market and we already have plans and roadmaps set to expand our product to support other Ford vehicle types and enhance scanner support over the coming months, exciting times ahead for sure!

So if you 05-09 Mustang V8 OR CHEVY owners want a tune hit me up.


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Can they do a tune on my 11?
I will find out today. HP Tuners has be around for awhile but, there bread and butter is GM. They are slowly making there way to the FORD side of the house. I will find out today if they have support for the 11 year mustang.