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Wicked stangs north carolina

i love nc, but man my command sucks. there are a few tracks here around us, and some WOT mustangs club, but its a bunch of young guys that want to street race everywhere. might take awhile to get it rolling, but i think WS will rock out here.
it will. Pro dyno is just outside of nc close to carowinds. I know several people in nc that may join up. check out carolinarides.com. Thats an all car forum just for the carolina. North and South. You should meet us for our next dyno day in fort mill sc at the end of this month. Send me your address or something close to you so I can see how close you are to me. cant wait to meet up.


South Carolina
If you are 2 hours north of Wilmington you are a long way from us. I was in Wilmington last year that is a beautiful part of the country. I do agree we will need to have a North & South Carolina meet up. Hope you get things going good in North Carolina & good luck with a new chapter.
just checking to see who all has joined from NC?? post here if you have. i just got my car running, and want to set up our first meeting sometime this month or next.


Everrett Wa. Soon to be St. Louis MO.
bigdawgvestal I dont know how close you are to BeeJay but since you have 5 people already commited ect go to the thread right above chapters and read rules ect about starting a chapter. I believe you have enough if you want to start a chapter. Just Send Emilio ( wickedstangs) a e-mail and he can help you out and add your chapter to the forum
sorry man about the no reply. nobody out here in new bern was interested, and additionally i had to sell the car for the new kid. a new one will come within the year and hopfully i can get back into it.