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Wicked Stangs Professional Tuning Day

Professional Tuning Day

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Chula Vista, CA
Staff member

All, I have some good news.

How would you like a Professional Tuner to fly down and Tune Wicked Stangs vehicles?

Here is the info so far..

There will be a prerequisite:
1. Car Must have all the Basic Stuff completed first etc. (Like Oil in Car/ Must be Running/ No Major Issues like fouled plugs / Wire are bad... Stuff like that.) The Tuner is limited on how many cars he can do in a day.

2. Must have a bung installed in the exhaust system already for ease of installing the A/F monitor.

3. Must have X-Cal 2 / X-Cal 3 / Livewire.... etc. (Can Purchase Day of event)

4. We would like to have different year mustangs so The Shop that lends us there dyno can get training and also myself.
89-93 to use a Ford Single or Multi-Program Eliminator Switch Chip
03-04 Cobra
05-08 Mustang GT (Drive By Wire System)
06 Roush Stage ? :)

5. The Cost ...Depends on how many car we can get and how many days he will be available.

I am working with several Tuning companies to come down to San Diego to hook our Mustangs up....


Well-Known Member
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tel me all about what this will run me!!!!! I am in if it doesnt break the bank.


PM for Decals
Unless he can magically open up the Whipple tune that's locked down.

Like I said, this won't help my car.

Otherwise I'd be in!!!!!


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
just let me know what days you are available and I will try to work around it.. Remember It going to be a Saturday and Sunday