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8/24/13 Big Bear Canyon Run

Are you going to attend

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302 Motorsports
Hey guys and gals.
Time again to put together another Mustang Cruise.

August 24th, 2013

Meeting spot will be: 8:30am
Richie's Real American Diner
14236 Valley Center Dr, Victorville

Rollout: 8:50am
First stop- Boulder Bay Park
Second Stop- The Village for the Ladies
Third Stop- Fuel in Lucerne Valley
Last Stop- Finish the day with a Barbeque at our house

Will stop at a couple random locations for photo opportunities.

Brought to you by Inland Empire WickedStangs and 302 Motorsports

Planned Route/ Stops subject to change after I pre trip this route

Get ahold of me if you plan to attend. Thanks