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97 cobra pics


Well-Known Member
Snaped some shots this morning
started out bone stock about a year ago
Mods: (so far)
Steeda sport springs
steeda adjustable sway bar
steeda sway bar
o/r x pipe
slp loud mouth 2 with dumps
2000 cobra R replica
5/16 spacer (rear only)
245/40/17 front
275/40/17 rear
Painted calipers
Black cobra style headlights
blacked out side maekers
Fog light mod
Hurst shifter
Alpine touch screen
pdx1.1000 alpine amp
jl w7 13.5 sub

more to come....IMG_20130606_073941.jpg IMG_20130606_073921.jpg IMG_20130606_073904.jpg IMG_20130606_073853.jpg


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Think it would really afect value of car with it being cloth?
I know its 1of 7 for that year but would someone realy pay more for it...i didnt but its just a cool fact to me and a good conversation starter.


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Maybe not right now, but in the future I think it will. There is a small market that is crazy about our cobras.

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