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Antelope Valley Car Show, May 31, 2014


New Member

I'm a volunteer helping to organize a car show on May 31, 2014, in the Antelope Valley. It's for a community-wide event which would like to incorporate a car show for the first time, and I desperately need advice!

Currently, I'm trying to define the categories we will use. Since this is the first time hosting a show, and we're not sure how many cars we can get, we don't necessairly want a dozen categories.

What would be good categories to start with? Common and one's that people want to see?

Thank you!


Spring Valley, CA
The categories you might want to go with are the generic years.

1930's, 1940's, 1950's......2010's. Something like that. Depending on what is the popular years in your area. You can make it People's choice, or have show participants pick, or have judges.
Another way of doing it, if you don't want too many categories, might consider lumping years together. Example...Pre 1930's-1940's, 1950's-1960's, 1970's-1990's, 2000's-2010's. Just a few example.
Some shows have best paint, farthest travel, best club participation. Some shows have some fun trophies for dirtiest car, oil leak, work in progress, etc.