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Fixed some cracked and jacked headers today


Staff member
These headers are owned by a customer of mine and were in really bad shape. He asked me to fix a crack and weld some bolts in where the studs were ripped out. After inspecting them both closely I found that both had numerous cracks in them, bent flanges, broken studs and bird shit welds all over. This was just a repair, so I didn't spend as much time as I could have on them since it wouldn't be very cost effective.

Bird shit welds and cracks. The lower tube in the pic is cracked along that whole cold weld.

Crack welded up and cleaned up.

Flanges were badly bent and had bird poo welds holding them on. I straightened the flanges and hit some of the welds with a grinder and rewelded some parts to insure that flange wouldn't come off when tightening the h-pipe up to them.

I wish I would have taken some more pics of the before, but oh well. Here is what they look like now.