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Ipod Hookups


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Anyone ever put in an aftermarket or some wiring for a iPod into a Shaker system? I have the stock sound system with a Shaker 1000 head unit, but no iPod hookup. Yes, I've checked inside my center console. Any body have any experience? or reccomendations?:questionmark:



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I stopped at an audio shop they said they could order a connection and install it for about $250. I don't remember the name of the shop but it was on Main st in Chula Vista. I'm sure any audio place can order it and hook it up.


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ford makes a connection for the S197's. That sounds like the same one Albert mentioned above. I thought all the shakers had a center console input. Maybe they stated in 2007 and above.



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I think Gibs is right. I believe it was 2007 and above that had them in center council. I would just ask ford how much to add one.
They maybe cheaper for a factory piece or maybe you can buy one and install it yourself. I would think the shaker would have RCA inputs on the back
of the stereo. That way it would be easy for Ford to change it from the shaker 500 to the 1000 by just plugging in the rca's running them back for a factory
amp and subs. I am not 100% positive though I have never had mine out. There are alot of little things diffrent between the 2005-2009 Like for example
the IPOD thing. The 2005 you could hold your lock down on your key chain. If your windows where down they would close or hold the unlock and they would
go down automaticly to cool the car off before you jumped in it to go out. I wish mine had that and the IPOD :)
I got my iPod connection wire hooked up to my Shaker 1000 through the center console. I got it done at Car Audio Heaven in Point Loma for about $150. Mine's an '05. I asked Perry Ford if they could do it, but they were trying to charge me $400 just to do it.


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The 2007's and up have a AUX jack. the 05-06 don't. If you're willing to give up your lighter jack, you can buy a Radio FM transmitter. Thats what I use on my 06 GT and it works just fine. It looks nice too. Here's a link that might help. I use this one. Hope this helps!