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Ronnie Friedline

Well-Known Member
ok so we got my motor in and everything, while i was at work my brother was going to get everything filled and get er fired up. well while the last qt of Royal Purple was going into the engine, he walked away came back and hit was all over the floor... well we tore the motor out took the pan off cause we found a little punch hole in the front left corner, (where the oil pump is), and come to find out the new oil pump on the motor is about one half inch bigger than the stock, so just to gain some clearance the Bolts holdng the plate on where the gears are in the oil pump were bigger heads on the new one, so i replaced them with the bolts from the old one. got that issue fixed and a temp fix on the hole in the pan got the motor back in and just resting in the engine bay and now i cant find the Spout Connector, My question is I was researching it and found several people running with out it or WIRE bybassing it, is this possible for a couple days till I can get a new one for like 10 bucks from latemodelrestoration.com?? Hit me up let me know it might be just as easy to text me, 405 476 6315, or if you answer this it should be going right to my email.. let me know asap please guys.... never dealt with a Spout Connector....