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Long Tube Headers for a 5.0


Well-Known Member
Alright everyone, some of you may know, i took on a heap of a project with my 89 hatchback. The car has long tube headers, and an X pipe, which as anyone who knows California smog laws, knows this is completly illegal for a car registered in CA. I want to just put all the stock manifolds, cats and H pipe back on the car, but the guy trashed everything when he swapped it. If anyone would be interested in trading a set of lung tubes and x pipe for the stock exhaust off their car, please PM me. I have a few other parts like interior switched and little things like that. Im not sure what the brand of headers are, but i know they seal up the block VERY well.


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Dang, wish I was home to help you out. I keep a stock intake and exhaust set up just for smog purposes.


I was at the junkyard 6 days ago and there were 4 fox body mustangs there waiting to be rapped. Get your butt down south to ecology and get the parts before they are gone.