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Mississippi chapter info


MS Chapter President
Staff member
Board Member
Hello and thank you for your interest in the Mississippi chapter. You can find us on Facebook at wickedstangs MS. We have monthly club meetings on the first Saturday of every month starting at 4:00 pm at alpha specialties in pearl 1670 hwy 80 e pearl ms. You can contact the president at 769-230-5870 for more info. Thanks again for your interest in our club you won't find a better one!


New Member
Thanks for the info and I will be there next month if possible. I will not be in a Mustang but would enjoy checking out the Mustangs. When I saw your cars in Flowood yesterday I was driving my dads Z06 convertible. It is an unbelievable car but I am the black sheep of the family and love Mustangs.


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I am out in the Gulf right now. I don't know if I will be back in time to make the show. Since I work in the oilfield I am just glad to still have my job. If I am home I will try to make it. If not I will try in June. This job may be over by then but I am not sure.
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