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MM Torque Arm Extension


Staff member
Well I pretty much opened the doors even though the air compressor wont be hooked up for another week or so. A guy from socalstangs has a 1984 wagon that is all souped up and he wanted me to lengthen his MM tq arm 3.25".

I wasn't going to start on it today, but I couldn't resist. It took me 5hrs to complete. I started by cutting it in half.

I had a piece of the same size box tubing from the race car, so I used that to lengthen the arm 3.25". I then marked and cut the box tubing down the middle. My plan was to tie into the existing weld that runs across the whole arm. You will see in the final pic that it worked out pretty well.

I then marked and drilled hole, so I could plug weld some 1/8" sheathing in place. That way I would have a backer inside to weld to and it will strengthen the joint as well.

Once the sheathing was in place I could slide the 2 halves together at exactly 3.25" and plug weld the other side of the arm. Then I fit up the 2 halves of box tubing and welded everything up. I wish I had the car, so I could have test fit it before final welding, so I have my fingers crossed that it fits, but I think it will be good to go.