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Mustang Roundup (cont'd)


Well-Known Member
Sunday July 21st:

Whidbey Crew will meet at Ford Dealership Parking lot at 0545 depart NLT 0600.

Skagit Crew will meet at Conway 76 Gas Station at 0630 depart NLT 0645.

ETA in Bellevue will be around 0800 where we'll meeting up with the Sea-Tac Crew and then rolling in together.

Make sure to bring $20 for entry fee as well as some chairs because it's going to be a long day. We should have enough tents already so rain or shine we'll be covered.


SeaTac VP
give me a call around 7 .... i dont know bellevue that well we will have to find a good spot to mee when we get up there and that way i can let you know we should get there about 730 745 or so