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Race Legal Friday 9-21-12


If u aint 1st, your last
Dave, Kip and I are going to Race legal on Friday 9-21-12 and want to see if anybody wants to joins us. We will not be racing but just out there to watch and hangout talking about cars. hope to see u guys there.


Crew Chief
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I might make it out. I'll have to see how the week is going. Right now I have a headache and a third party Quality Assurance Audit tomorrow. I may bring BEEEERRRRRR, or it may be Jack!!!


Well-Known Member
That does sound like fun. I might even drag. Would to see how the new tune it working. Though I do need to buy a new helmet.


Wickedstangs Road Racing Team
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That sounds like fun. I'm going to try and make it down and make some runs. It's been too long.