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Racing Music


Well-Known Member
hey everyone just a little thing i was thinking about...everyone has "that song" they play when there racing or when they dream of being in a cop chase haha. just trying to see all the diffrent ones. mine is either Spiderbait-Black betty or Distrurbed- down with the sickness


Well-Known Member
I like to listen to classic rock however my car drowns it out when i hit the loud pedal. when I am at the track I don't have the radio on at all. just me my ride and the lane in front of me.
I don't race, but for cruising I like to listen to "Demon Speeding" or "Dragula" by Rob Zombie, "Hungry" by Rob Bailey, "Badass" by Saliva, and "Bodies" by Drowning Pool.
No music for me when at the track. I like to hear all that is going on around me at every corner. Especially output from the engine. wanna be able to hear when things aren't going to well or the instant the engine dies(happened once) so I can get outta the way off the track etc before I cause bigger problems for my self or worse get in the way of others.