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Racing this sunday


That sexy racing guy
Remove Front sway bar, raise front tire pressure to max that the tire is rated at, Lower rear tire pressure (mine is at 27 PSI) Thats all I do Hooks hard and gives me mid 1.80 60'


SeaTac VP
Did you guys race sunday? Monroe ran but one of the lanes staging lights wasnt working so instead of points they did test and tune which was good as far as i was concerned my car wasnt tuned right so shifting was an issue but got it all worked out (i think) now. As far as lowering my tire pressure i cant i got low profile tires on so no side wall really so im looking for some cheap rims to put tires on. Had a set a guy was selling for 50 bucks but he flaked so i think he sold them so looking for more so i can run regular tires..


That sexy racing guy
No we didn't end up racing on Sunday. It got rained out. didn't really rain all day so I am not sure why. Gonna try and go to pacific this week. not sure what day yet, all depends on work