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Crew Chief
Staff member
Board Member
like to hear whats peoples take on him..
Here is my take, he has many good points about the economy...but that is all. Socially and Politically he lacks a morale compass, typical of people in power, and will drag this country further into disrepair. What this country needs is personal responsibility, smaller government, deeper family values, language, borders and the American Culture. He lacks support for family values and personal responsibility and therefore not my choice.


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
just from the video above, I haven't really heard much about him.. But, he does talk about the smaller government and Borders... What made me post this is why the news is not wanting to talk much about him. Like they are scared of him or something...
So its not just me then that noticed they pretty much ignored him in the debate, and are talking to the other three candidates and calling it s 3 man race like he doesn't exist.....
He did have some valid points at the debate though.
Not sure about the eliminating IRS and taxes in this video though. Think that's a little maniac.