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Saturday, Feb 4th Recap


Well-Known Member
Over all we had an awesome day Saturday! Met up with Roushed2, 2K7GTCS, and Shawn and cruised up together to the track in Fontana and met up with Sdsubzero4. Eventually Emilio, Bobby and their families came out. Everyone had some good runs at the track and had a good time watching others go for it. After that, we all went and had some good BBQ at a local place with Sdsubzero4, 2K7GTCS, Shawn, Roushed2 and his family. Then we all came out to the A.V. Car Meet (mostly all Stangs there) and hung out for a while. Great day over all and can't wait to do another event soon! Very Special Thanks to Danny (Sdsubzero4), Dave (2K7GTCS), Shawn, and Dennis (Roushed2) and his family for coming out to Palmdale for the Meet!