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Saturday July 30, 2011

Are you going

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Alright guys and gals. First off I want to apologize for not being on the forums as much as I should. Also I feel that the I.E. Chapter needs a major jump start to regain the numbers of the original I.E. Chapter. A once powerful chapter has dwindled to nothing and I feel responsible since I have moved away twice in the past. Once to Florida and once to Georgia. It is time to regain our numbers. I am initiating the I.E. Chapters first event. 7-30-11 at California Speedway in Fontana CA. From 2PM -10PM will be Twilight street legal drags. The cost is $20 to race $10 to watch. I am inviting a lot of non club Mustang owners to attend in an attempt to gain members. I am reaching out for the help of other chapters to make an impressive showing to all Mustang owners in attendance as well as to show our Dominance in the Mustang community. Of you are interested contact me by PM or call me at 813 951 3376. Let's make this a fun and successful event. If you are interested in being an I.E. Member I could use your assistance. Thank you everyone


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Dang $20 to race! Good luck on getting the chapter up and running again.


302 Motorsports
Just want to get this back in the view of everyone. I am hoping for a large turn out guys its not too far from SD and all San Bernardino chapter guys should be able to attend if not to race but to watch. I am trying to get at least 10 guys/gals from the I.E area to attend. Lets make this a huge showing


Fun Fun Fun! OMG, so much fun!

I didn't get to the track until late (after 4), but decided to go ahead and run my car to see what she would do in the ol' 1320.

Man I just love the way my car hooks and books! No wheel spin, no drama, just, GO!
I'd heard this track is not as prepped as Barona, but I dead-hooked on all three runs. (still on steet tires and the stock stall converter)

My best time after a long cool-down was on my second pass, with a 13.75 @ 100mph.
Weather was a factor, as the temp and humidity contributed to a fairly high DA of 2500 to 3000 feet.

It was a long drive, but it was worth it. I will definetly be going back soon!




R/T .085
60ft 2.05
1/8 8.86 @ 78
1/4 13.75 @ 100

D/A corrected (I know, whatever, right...) 13.28 @ 105

A few more bolt-on's coupled with the right track conditions (strong tailwind and a gravitational assist from the Moon) and I might see 12's


302 Motorsports
It was great gettn to hang out with you yesterday. I ran like crap but it was still a blast. Besides hitting 14's for most of the day lol My best run of the day was a:
60' 2.154
330' 5.865
1/8 8.872 @ 81.88mph
1/4 13.585 @ 105.46mph

Cant wait until next time