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Speed Kills!


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This is why I, along with many others, will continue to harp about legal (and smart) driving on the streets. This was NOT a street race, just a case of poor judgement that cost lives. It was on the Roush site, but I wanted everyone here to see it. For all of those who like to say "I wasn't racing, but I like to go fast on open roads when nobody is around." Single car accident when a girl lost control at the car's top speed.

Be smart guys. No amount of fun is worth ending like this.


The story is a 19 year old girl was driving at roughly 120 mph with her boyfriend when she lost control and hit a tree. He was ejected from the car (See caption prior to the second pic.) She was burned up when the car exploded and the roof collapsed on her. Please take this as a lesson to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be careful and respect these cars no matter how good of a driver you may THINK you are.

This is a picture of the rear of the car...notice this is where the engine is sitting.

The guy that was ejected was the passenger and this is a picture of the drivers side. Notice his pants hanging there that were apparently wrapped around the radiator and ripped off as he was thrown out the drivers side.

And here are the rest of the pics



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Thank you for posting this I hope that more look at this and relize speed is meant for the track. And even then one must have the proper safety equipment good thread.


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All I'm going to say is they know the risk, we all do, whether or not we choose to take that risk is up to each and every one of us