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Wicked Stangs Monthly Meeting May 6, 2015

Called to Order @6:36pm
Location: Perry Ford of National City
Members in Attendance: Reaper52, sdsubzero4, Mustangcwo, ladygaga2, frank s, Double D, crumba60, WARRIOR F150
Members on Probation: Eric Chen, Deno (1st meeting), Darrion (1st meeting)
Guests: Dennis Chambers (ladygaga2's husband), Linda (Deno's wife)
Treasury: Race Car Fund ($1386.02), General Club Fund ($433), San Diego Chapter Club T-Shirts ($400)

Upcoming Events:
1. C'Bad Cars: every Saturday 0600-0900, open to all cars. Free to view
2. JBA Cars and Coffee 5/10: JBA Speedshop. 0600-1000. open to all cars. Free to view
3. Cajon Classic Cruise: every Wednesday 3pm-7pm. Please see thread "On-Going Events" for complete schedule
4. Warriors United-Freedom Station car show 5/23: all info on San Diego Endorsed Events section
5. SD Chapter Annual Bash at the Beach BBQ 5/24: still more food items to sign up for. See thread in San Diego Events section

New Business:
1. It was announced at the April monthly meeting that SD Chapter would do a calendar to raise money for the club and donate a percentage of the sales to a designated charity. Much progress was made in regards to picture locations and Mustang model years. @Bree and/or @Reaper52 will post a thread of the selected photo-ops with possible dates.
2. It was announced at the April monthly meeting that SD Chapter would host an all Fords 1980s+ car show with Perry Ford of National City serving as the show location. Many ideas were presented at the May meeting with regards to raffles, games, getting other charities involved, etc. A meeting with the Perry Ford of NC general manager should be scheduled before the June monthly meeting to coordinate more on the specifics of the event. Members on this committee are: @sdsubzero4 and @Bree . *If any member is interested in assisting with this project, please feel free to PM the aforementioned members or myself.

Open Floor to Questions, Comments:
@Double D presented the club with a certificate of appreciation for our fundraiser at Mustangs vs the World which raised money towards the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station.
Dennis Chambers (Ladygaga2's husband) mentioned that one of their members of the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association died unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident. Funeral services are scheduled for this Saturday 5/9. An event for members wanting to attend this funeral will be posted shortly.
Congratulations to @Bree and @Reaper52 for successfully completing probation. They are now full-fledged, active members of the San Diego Chapter of Wicked Stangs Mustang Club!

Meeting adjourned @8:10pm