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Wicked Stangs Mustang Club Mississippi (Nice Write up)


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member

“Wickedstangs is a national Mustang club started by Military Vets in California. Jeremy Walker was apart of this club in CA. When he moved back to MS, he started the MS chapter. We have been going with this chapter since 2014. We currently have 16 members and also have a Starkville chapter. We are passionate guys and gals for mustangs. We are a no profit club and we support local business and do a toy drive every year for Batson Hospital in Jackson. We started the event wicked Wednesday for the members of our club to go to there home town and pick a local business hangout display our cars eat and support the local business. The wicked Wednesday at Zips was our first one. Steven Sheppard is from Magee and he said we got go to Zips! It was a huge success. Zips was awesome. Also, half of our members are Military Vets.” (thanks Steven Sheppard for the info!)