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WS North West Chapter first meet


Well-Known Member
Alright guys.... I would like us to have our first meet. I'm thinking this Saturday the 31st at Hooters in Crestview.
I'm open to times but I was thinking around 5:30pm. For the guys in P-cola plan to meet at the gas station next to Sonny's BB-Q on Navy Blvd at 4:15 and we will roll out at 4:30.


Well-Known Member
That's how we roll here in Northwest Florida!!!!!!! And as always you new edge guys can never park right lmao......


Well-Known Member
Yes, very good first get together......would have been better if my clutch cable did take a dump 3 hrs before hand.


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Wow very nice and glad you guys are off to a good start... welcome everyone

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New Member
I blame the big ass truck I had to back in behind for my parking. I still don't trust most of these locals here!

Nice to meet you all there and hope we can get together again in the future.