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Official Website of the Wicked Stangs Nationwide Mustang Club.

S197 Mustang Brake Upgrade: Swapping to Shelby GT500 6-Piston Stopping Power

Learn how to swap 15-inch, six-piston GT500 brakes onto any 2005-2014 GT.

While the stock Mustang braking system has evolved and improved over the course of the S197 run, resulting in a package on the Coyote-powered GT’s that can halt you from speed remarkably quicker than the mediocre 4.6 GT’s package, there is still much room for improvement. Luckily, the GT500’s braking system was also evolving along with its power and speed, and Ford Racing has seen fit to make that package orderable via the M-2300-T kit. The best news of all is that it’s affordable. The whole front and rear...
Day 5 Mustang Week 2015: Scenes from the Final Day of the Largest All Mustang Gathering in the Country

Along with the incredible cars we checked out throughout the week, Saturday proved to be even bigger with additional Mustangs scrambling to get on site.
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Ford has finally released details on the space age technology that went into building the Shelby GT350R's carbon fiber wheels that hold up to serious heat and improve track performance.
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This 2011 Mustang GT is Built to Fly Under the Radar and Terminate Unsuspecting Prey on the Track
“I usually build them into drag cars,” he tells us, “but this time I wanted something more versatile like a GT500, only better. I think I nailed it.”
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