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Carbon fiber race drive shaft vs traditional stock racing drive shaft.

I am curious as to what the difference or rather the benefits of these drive shafts verses the factory drive shaft on my 2010 Mustang GT besides the obvious weight reduction? Doing a little research into an upgrade road map and plan of attack. currently swimming blind and and in all directions. Thanks in advance.


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Soji the Diff other than the weight is that the C/F can take more horsepower than the stocker. I have read as much as 700 rwhp and it's still good to go Some companys say more. The rotational weight is another big factor as you know it takes more hp to turn more weight making the car not as responsive, also the double stock drive shaft's has more parts to break and more things to go wrong. Thats my 2 cents hope it helps bro


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you'll never have enough HP to break a CF drive shaft, or even a moly one for that. another huge benefit is going from a 2 piece shaft to a one piece shaft, all you honestly need is an aluminum drive shaft, but if you want to pay the extra money then by all means go ahead


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Talk to Eric on our ship Sogi. He changed from a stock to one piece alum and said it made a world of diffrence. he said it made the car feel quicker