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  • wickedstangs
    wickedstangs reacted to RHill24's post in the thread Hey! with Like Like.
    I recently bought a 2008 Mustang GT. It's a little banged up but I know I can work on it. The name's Russ and I hope you're all good.
  • RHill24
    Hello, I have a hearing condition called hyperacusis and I've been looking for the best earplugs I can get. I avoid going out this time...
  • RHill24
    RHill24 replied to the thread Pedal to the Metal (Music).
    Black Tongue
  • RHill24
    RHill24 posted the thread NBA 2020-2021 in Sports.
    NBA stated that they'll start the season on December 22. I'm not really excited about this season but who do you think will win the chip...