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[Dec 15, 2012] Give back night at Chili's-Clairemont Town Square Center (San Diego, CA)


Spring Valley, CA
An awesome event to support the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program). This program is for kids of active duty military whose needs range from educational to medical.This is a program dear to Ladygaga2's (Donna) heart . Lets help support this for a great cause to give these kids an awesome Christmas. Also, WickedStangs has chosen a military family that is not having a great holiday year and we are going to donate a food basket and toys for their kids. Hopefully we can brighten their Christmas and bring some joy to them. We may not feel we can do a lot, but its the little things around this time of year that can bring a smile to anyone's face and warm their hearts but also bring cheer to us. This is the time to give and support each other no matter what it is. Mad love and respect to all my WS family.

Join us for a fundraiser at Chili's in Clairemont Town Square to support a toy drive fundraiser to benefit the EFMP and Chili's will donate 15% of your transactions to this cause.

I will be posting the flyer soon!!!!

Toy Drive Fundraiser To Benefit The
Exceptional Family Member Program
Saturday December 15, 2012
4060 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117



Spring Valley, CA
To all those who are coming to this. I would like for us to be at the Chili's at 10:30am. This way we can all park together, hangout, and pass out some flyers to people going to Chili's. Then we can all go in together and get some lunch. I'm thinking we go in for lunch around 12:30-1pm. This would allow for us to maximize the early lunch crowd.
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Spring Valley, CA
I may be a little late tomorrow. I need to drop my Focus in for a warranty repair. As soon as I drop it off, I'm going to get the shuttle to take me home and pick up the 'Stang. I will be on my way after that. Hopefully I will make it on time.


New Member
Anyone going to the December autojumble in Huddersfield on Sunday?
Been a few times and normally not a bad turn out and some nice classics around during the day.