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MVTW Get the Word Out


If u aint 1st, your last
Trying to get some mustang buddies to go that i work with but they are scared the will break there cars lol.


Spring Valley, CA
Thanks I have been crazy busy but the short story is school, married, and already expecting our first ;)
but that is a discussion for another thread lol. Tiers or not ill be there to help out.

Wow....you have been busy! Congrats on your marriage and first child coming.
i know i know, he has a 2010 mustang gt and he is embarrassed to be driving a 4.6 rather then the 5.0. He is new to stangs.

Hey if his car is an Automatic Pertonix Performance is looking for a 2010 GT Auto car for R&D. free upgrades for the use to help him feel better about his beast. Pass it on to him. E can get him all the info. They will also be at MVTW.