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spark plug issues

Kirk Simpson

Well-Known Member
Hey guys and gals i had taken out my spark plugs i have had the car for about 3 weeks and i got a reading yesterday on my bama tuner that i had a miss fire so i decided today was a good day to take them out little did i know it wasnt i took out the spark plug for cylinder 1 and it has the threads from the inside of the block on it so now idk what to do any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Crew Chief
Staff member
Board Member
Screw the plug back in with the insert still attached to the plug. Someone stripped out the holes on the plug and then used an insert on the head as a repair. I would drive the car to RPMM and have them install another insert.

Here is a "how to" video, but I would not try this at home!!!



Well-Known Member
I highly encourage you to do like Todd said. As simple as it sounds ....this can turn into a head job with just a few wrong turns. He can also diagnose the Misfire to insure that the problem dont lie with the insert!

Kirk Simpson

Well-Known Member
ok well cool i will call them today and see what they suppose i do thanks for the input guys i appreciate it.

Kirk Simpson

Well-Known Member
It had spare threads on it looked burnt and apparently the guy had used a insert already nvr told me but putit in back wards but it fixed alot of my issues i was having befor the misfire


Well-Known Member
I had a similar problem it started with a annoying ticking sound, I could not figure out what it was no check engine light but did notice the car driving like crap. Finally check engine light came and it was a misfire on cylinder 2 so I checked it turns out the plug was way loose and it looked really bad. I replaced it with a new plug and fixed the problem. I'm still wondering what caused it to come that loose? And if it could happen again.

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