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WIKDLX Accufab 75mm R TB install


Staff member
Well I recommended a few parts to Emilio in order to bring out the best in his 347 combo. He was running the stock throttle body and C&L intake/meter. I know that 347 wants to breath, so the stocker is getting kicked to the curb for a beautiful piece that will likely wake up a monster. If it was my car I would chuck the intake too, but that's just me. :)
For now we will just port match the upper to throttle body.

Anyway here is a side by side comparison.

Pulled the throttle body

Pulled the upper intake

Covered ports

Once the upper was off painted the throttle body mating surface of the upper with machinist die. Then I put the gasket on and scribed my port lines.

The rough cut is just about done. I will come back in and smooth everything out and clean before assembly.

Gasket is matched pretty good. Once everything is smoothed out it should clean up real nice.



Staff member
Did some more work on this car today. I cleaned up the port work on the tb inlet of the intake with 120 grit sanding cones. Then continually flushed the intake with purple power, carb cleaner and a garden hose. After about 45 minutes the intake was finally cleaned and installed.

After that I started to install the throttle body and spacer. Yesterday Emilio mentioned that the throttle was stiff and while hooking everything back up I realized that the throttle cable was binding because of the way it was routed. Instead of running along the top of the firewall it was stuffed down low and pushing against the firewall. I rerouted it and it seems to be a lot better now.


A shot through the TB to the intake.

Now it was time to install the powerpipe. I knew I would have to enlarge the hole in the fenderwell, but I also had to modify the rubber elbow in order to get the pipe to fit since he has a 2" TB spacer and not the 3/8" one.

Enlarged hole with protective rubber seal installed.

I used the hose clamps as my guide to cut the rubber elbow down. Before trimming it was hitting the strut tower.

After being trimmed

Powerpipe and TB installed