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1990-1992 5.0 H.O Foxbody


Well-Known Member
Hey all I just got my new motor into my car and drove her home last night :D.
the motor has 35k miles, and all was going great unitl I noticed a very strong vibration at idle and at any speed.

Things I do know:
-Soild motor mounts
-IAC is not hooked up
-Permanant check engine light (old motor had this too but it would come on and off)
-Driver's side o2 sensor not hooked up
-Motor will not rev above 3,100 or so
-I am thinking Harmonic Bal. maybe??
-Fuel system is in good shape, and including fuel filter and pump.
-Ignition was timed correctly by a ASE master tech (friend of mine) new plugs and wires too.

Thanks, in advance