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661.9 RWHP and counting!
I just installed an aluminum drive shaft and will also be lowering the car after I get my new wheels. I was told I would need to make some kind of alignment adjustment after doing that to prevent wheel hop. Just wondering what exactly needed to be done and how difficult it would be to do. -edit- I have a 2013 GT.



Spring Valley, CA
I think you will need to have your driveshaft balanced and a 4 wheel alignment after you put in new lowering springs. I would recommend you get some caster and camber plates to keep your wheels aligned, otherwise, you will have uneven wear on your tires.
I would say the best place to go get your Mustang aligned would be at Socal Suspension in El Cajon. Was just there last week getting my Mustang aligned after I had new tires installed. I also used them when I lowered my mustang about three years ago. Eric who is the owner is a good guy and he was actually the person doing the alignment on my Mustang each time I was in there. If you need more information on this place, let me know.


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You will need to replace the upper control arm on the rear suspension to an adjustable type. You will need to reset the pinion angle on the car between -1.5 and -2.0.