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Dyno Wars on Wicked Stangs Forums


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All, I understand this is a sore subject for some on Wicked Stangs Mustang Community. I like to help clear stuff up and stop all the bickering of DYNO WARS that go on our forums. Unfortunately a lot of people care about the numbers. If you go out and spend a lot of money on parts and installation, you want to know if it was worth it. Most people get away from the fact that a dyno really serves for tuning and diagnostic purposes only. If you make a change, you want to know what that change did to your car, no matter how a dyno is calibrated any dyno will give you that information. The problem is that some people care TOO much about the end number.

The best thing you should do to elevate the DYNO WARS on here is to make sure wherever you go that they do a baseline run of your car. Then tell them to tune it, that way you can see what GAINS you got with your car. Some tuners will give you a hard time. Do not take no for an answer..... Actually viewing that you picked up [X] amount of power/torque at [X] rpm over your old combo shows what your money did for you. I like to take my car to the same exact dyno each time I do a mod that way I know if it increase or not.

The result of good tuning and dyno use is a fast time slip at the track, not a print out of what could be magic numbers.

All dyno and tuners are not created equal. Some tune conservative and some tune aggressive they will all tune to your liking if you ask them.

Please do not bash anyone on here for the way they tune. If your going to recommend someone. Do just that. If someone went somewhere that is not to your liking please do not bash that company. Let that person know your recommendation.

Remember we have lots of member that have been to some of the below shops and can fill you in on them...

What I like to do is go out and talk to them for yourself and get to know your tuner.

1. Racer Edge Tuning (SCT)
2. Dantes Modular Performance (SCT,DIABLOSPORT,SNIPER)
3. JBA Racing (SCT,Tweecer)
4. Swanson Performance (SCT,DIABLOSPORT)
5. Brothers Performance (SCT)
6. Wide Open Throttle Performance (SCT,DIABLOSPORT)
7. The Dyno Shop (SCT,DIABLOSPORT)
8. Manning Motorsports (DIABLOSPORT)
9. GRC Performance (DIABLOSPORT)
10. GTR High Performance (SCT)
11. Powertrain Dynamics (SCT,DIABLOSPORT)
12. ST Motorsports (SCT)

1. All Out Performace (SCT)


Everrett Wa. Soon to be St. Louis MO.
My vote goes for #3. My car has been on there dyno a few times so if I buy something as Emilio said I will dyno there to see any gains. Well on the other hand it will be going to #12 for tuning when I get back. :)


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Just leave them stock and you got a good conservative tune without worrying about blowing it up. Then spend all that extra money on a cool camera and visual mods....LOL



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Emilio since this is in the Tech section and not just the SD chapter area would you mind adding All Out Performace to the list, Nate is our trusted tuner up here and has even done a car from the SD chapter. and he is always on the forum helping everyone out. just my .02, but i agree with what you said, they are mostly for diagnostics and tuning, and all that really matters is the gain your car makes. but if someone is afraid of having low numbers then make sure its a Dynojet


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well JBA has never did me wrong i cant say anything against them besides prices. but thats where i got my stock dyno's #'s for the red sled and slowbra so as i mod them down the line i would go there for numbers plus it makes my %^&* bigger :) they are convienant due to being close. they did hook me up with the slowbra on a 3rd free run and played around with the setting on my xcal 3 for free and gave me more fuels and more hp and tq because the car was running lean for free. i dont know who i would get the red sled tuned by though i would have to research who all can tune a red sled.