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Electrical issues with Radio/Wipers


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Just found a 2003 10th Anniversary Cobra with 9k miles hiding out in Asheville, NC. I got it home last weekend and then realized the radio and wipers/washer doesn't work. After googling the issue I see I'm not the first one with this issue however no one else has a solution. I know that none of the fuses are blown I've checked them all. I don't think its a power issue because everything else works fine. For some reason the wiper motor and radio have circuitry in common. On one side is a ground and on the other is the General Electronic Module(GEM). Since everything else coming off the GEM is working fine I'm trying to hunt down this ground. Its labeled as G400 on the diagrams and is described as "in luggage compartment, LH side, rear, coupe". I attached the diagrams to see if it helps. Any thoughts?



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no solutions but the same problem found!? That's a tough one since you already said you checked fuses. Maybe a pinched or cut wire some were. Have you picked up a chilton for it?