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Ford Racing LSD and 3.73 Gear Install


Well-Known Member
Hi everyone, i found a Ford Racing Limited Slip Differential on craigslist about 6 months ago or so, and picked up a set of Ford Racing 3.73 Gears a month ago along with the installation kit, I also have the gear oil, and bearings for the differential. Is there anyone who would be willing to install it for me? I have a V6 Mustang, with the stock 7.5" rear axle...Thanks!


Well-Known Member
Hey what's up John message Todd his name on here is mustangcwo I'm sure he can help you out. He just helped me install my clutch and Hurst shifter last weekend.


Well-Known Member
Just an update, install was done 05/24/14 by Mustangcwo with a huge help from Double D. We had a slight problem with trying to get the pinion gear out from the rear axle itself, and we ended up pulling out the entire axle. We applied 8,500 lbs of pressure to the pinion and were still not able to get it out! Todd was able to eventually knock it out with a sludge hammer with some metal blocks under the axle! Ford Racing LSD and 3.73 Gears went into the rear axle with some Royal Purple gear oil, and the car feels amazing now! Every time I shift gears, the RPM's are already at 4K and just keep going up. I can now say that my car truly is a 5-Speed V6 because my 5th gear actually is useful now. LSD feels like the car is taking off more evenly now, I have not fully broken everything in yet, so I'm still trying to see what else will come in to play with the new LSD with the clutch kit. Thank You so much Todd and Elliot for the install, and for not giving up on me when it seemed like we were out of options! It was also an amazing learning experience for me, as i have never done something so complicated, and have a new perspective on getting work done myself!