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God save our state....

Do you think California is going to hell?

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Well-Known Member
So can anyone tell me what the f**k that idiot brown is doing in the capital? So before I start, if you are some liberal hippy and I offend you.... get out of the thread! But seriously, I hear on the news today that our worthless governor signs a law making it a crime to carry an unloaded hand gun openly in public, stating that it is too dangerous to LEOs and our society, that it is impossible to tell if a gun is loaded or not, what a complete crock of sh!t! I don't know anyone who carries a semi auto handgun openly with an empty magazine in the gun, they carry with out a magazine in the gun and a loaded magazine somewhere else on their person, yes it is impossible to tell if they have a round chambered but if someone is going to break the law and carry loaded most likely that person is also going to illegally carry concealed. And as far as them stating that you cant tell if a revolver is loaded or not, well... who the hell open carries a revolver that you would have to try and load under duress with a speed loader or loose ammo if it was needed? Im sorry but I think this new law is absolute bull, next they will try and get rid of concealed carry in public for civilians, then they will outlaw carrying concealed on your own property, then outlaw firearms in general for civilians! I mean no disrespect to any LEOs on here at all, but I work with LEOs almost every day and I know they are stretched thin all over so Im sorry but I'm not going to rely on law enforcement for my immediate defense, not going to happen. I've already had two guns pulled on me while driving in the last 2 years and I tell you I wish I had my XD45 at that time, would I have drawn it in those situations? no because I was able to get away, but if I would have had to defend myself I would have been able to. Visalia PD Detectives have stated in the meeting that we have that they encourage those who can lawfully carry to do so because the chances of an officer getting to you in time to help you in a life threatening situation is so minute.

I know that was a big jumbled rant and that I do apologize for but seriously everyone what is going on? He takes away our right to openly carry and is worried about teenagers using tanning beds, but at the same time is letting jails and prisons let inmates out early like they have rotating doors, giving huge tax breaks to hollywood, and is discussing decriminalizing cannabis! Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?!?! I am so sick of this damn state its not even funny, I can not wait to leave it, the whole state has its head so far up its @ss that there is no saving it.

Well that is the end of my rant....for now


Spring Valley, CA
Shane, I have nothing to add to your post. I agree. This state is ass backward in just about every issue. It has become the joke of the USA. And nothing should surprise you about Brown. He's so liberal, its ridiculous. He was the same on his last go around as governor and unfortunately, I was here for that too. I have 9 more years until I can retire and I am looking to get out of this state if it is still as bad as it is now or worse. So, with that said, I'm almost positive I will be living in another state when I retire because I don't see it getting better. The liberal /hippie has taken over this state and there's no going back. It is hard to believe California was once like Texas, hard on criminals and model of conservatism. Well, thanks to the 60s and Hollywood, that all went to hell! We have what we got now.


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on a side note, Ive been thinking of starting a CA gun thread in the lounge, so guys here can post pictures of their collection, discuss mods, ask questions, get tips on how to "californianize" your weapons, post range pics, etc. think there is anyway we can get it stickied if i do?


Spring Valley, CA
on a side note, Ive been thinking of starting a CA gun thread in the lounge, so guys here can post pictures of their collection, discuss mods, ask questions, get tips on how to "californianize" your weapons, post range pics, etc. think there is anyway we can get it stickied if i do?
Post it up. I'll sticky it.


Well-Known Member
colorado is always open lol
Yes, yes it is and that is where I am headed in a short while, cheaper registration fees and in some areas (Not Denver however, it's got a small Liberal socialist Infestation) there is NO smog testing. I just did the registration on the Mustang, F-250 4x4, A Ducati Monster and a Yamaha R-1 for around $650.00 and next year I get one vehicle registration waived due to my status of disabled Veteran. Best thing of all about the state- The Castle Doctrine.
wow, love the thread, and im glad im not in cali anymmore....this is yet another reason alaska is the shit!no CC rules. everyone carries and in my opinion there is less violence because of it. one thing i would change tho to what you said about carrying with no mag inserted...i carry everywhere and im always condition 1. i dont see the purpose in carrying a gun for personal protection thats not ready to shoot.

laws like these keep honest people honest, criminals will still do whatever they want leaving everyone else unprotected.

as for the legalization of weed....im not against that. i dont think its any worse than alcohol. just makes people lazy and hungry.
I feel ya! I was living in Cali during the first Jerry Brown governership (California Uber Alles! dead kennedy's ) and I was amazed when he got elected again... Those who know me will remember I predicted these things would happen... I loved living in San Diego, but, upon retiring from the Navy I hauled ass back to Texas. I dont even own a gun but, I believe in the right to bear arms. Criminals will get guns illegally and carry illegally anyway! All they accomplish with gun control laws is to dis-arm honest citizens....
Lets give this some historic perspective; Liberalism dates back to the Anti-Federalist / Jeffersonian Democrats of the post Revolutionary period. Liberals of that time were exactly what the name implies; less government intervention in the lives of the citizenry, right to bear arms etc... During the Great Depression of the 1930's and through WW II the Roosevelt administration, avowed liberals, started policies (by nessesity) which brought government into our daily lives by an order of magnitude more than ever before. The spirit of the "New Deal" was a good thing, however, during the 60's and 70's that spirit proved to be an open door to further restrictive policies and coruption of the New Deal into the welfare state we have today. "Liberal" politicians such as Jerry Brown took this trend and ran with it to further thier socialist agenda. People like Brown firmly believe that they have all the answers and the rest of us must be "saved from ourselves" with laws governing every facet of our lives. So todays "Liberals" are anything but what the name implies.... Hard core California Liberals lay claim to "Jefersonian Democracy" and nothing could be further from the truth. Lets take our lessons from history folks.... Look at the fairly recent history of Great Britain, after the close of WW II the Churchill administration was ousted in favor of the Labor Party (socialists) and Great Britain is not so great anymore.... Jerry Brown took the state Ronald Reagan built (a solvent successfull model state) and turned it into a welfare state! Now he's back to finish that process. Californians , stand up for your rights and save your State! California is a huge voting block amongst the 50 states, were California goes, so goes the Nation.