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How to Datalog with Xcal-3 using SCT Live Link 6 Part 3 of 3


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Alright, I was going to discuss which PID's are important to datalog but, with every vehicle it can be different.
Just like on a supercharged car, you will want to add, other PIDs like intake charge temps and so on.

Oh ya, I used MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007 for this demonstration.. It maybe a little different with an older version.

Some of the more widely used PID's are:
  • short term fuel trims(STFT)
  • long term fuel trims(LTFT)
  • RPM
  • load
  • MAF Voltage or MAF AD counts
  • 02 Sensor voltage
  • ACT
  • ECT

Below are files that the LIVE LINK 6 will give you after you datalog.
The file are .csv files which can be opened and graphed with Microsoft EXCEL

When you open the file in Excel it will look like this.

Graphing these file can really tell you alot. And with the right software you can tune yourself..

Here is a good example..
If your tuner tells you that your MAF Air is pegged you can datalog to find that out.
Remember max AD count for a MAF is 1024

Below I will walk you thru how to setup your excel file for graphing.
Step 1 The #1 line is hard to read so you will need to fix that. Click on 1 to highlight it.

Right Click once you highlight it.

Next click on the Alignment Tab and click on Wrap text.

It should make it easier to read like the below Image

Next we are going to freeze the first frame. Hightlight the first cell on the A2 like the below image.

Once you highlight the cell in A2 click on the View Tab on top and click on Freeze Panes

You want to freeze the Top Row

Next Click on the Letter L to highlight the Entire Column (RPM)

Next Click on the Insert Tap and click on Scatter.

Now select the second one the Scatter with Smooth Lines and Markers

There you go it will Graph it for you.


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Here is a good example when this person went WOT(Wide Open Throttle) his MAF was pegging out..

This is a quick explanation on how to graph your datalog. In my advance class I can show you how to put mutiple lines on the graph.. Just to tired right now:) Hope you enjoy..

Below is an attached file so you can download and practice with.



Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Now with the LM-2 Software I just got, It should be able to do all the graphs automatically..:) We will see. Try and get something up soon...