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Should I sell my car and bike even with all the performance upgrades Ive done and buy a GT?

  • Yes, sell the car, lose a bit of $ and buy a GT!

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Keep the car (its paid off), add a Supercharger, and keep that bike!

    Votes: 7 77.8%

  • Total voters


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Hello all!

So I have a dilemma that I have been battling for 6 months! I am either going to sell my 2011 V6 and get into a GT or add a Pro Charger to my 2011. The car is paid off and I have tons of upgrades that I would lose which is making this decision hard for me. Can you all read this thread and give me your input? Ok here we go... I bought a 2011 Premium Sterling Grey back in late 2010 when Ford first redesigned the engine. Since then I have done the following to the car...

1) 373 Gears (I must have at least 373s in a V8 as they are amazing!)
2) AirAid Cold Air Intake
3) BBK 73MM Throttle Body
4) BBK Chrome Tuned Shorty Headers
5) Borla Atak Axle-Back Exhaust (Another must have)
6) Bama 91 Octane Performance Tune (Another Must have)
7) Barton Industries Short Throw Shifter
8) Power Stop Street Warrior Brake Rotors and Ceramic Pads
9) Carbon Fiber interior dash
10) Raxiom GPS with rear back up camera
11) Staggered AMR Black Wheels with Mickey Thompson Street Comp Tires
12) Black Out tint for head and tail lights and all markers
13) Modern Billet Black Front Grille
14) Rear Deck Lid Panel - Black

Can you see how this makes my decisions harder? LOL. Don't let the 2011 V6 fool you, she is a sleeper and rips when I get on it. I have been told I am pushing 370HP-380HP (At the Crank) but after I put a pro charger in it I am guessing mid 400s at the wheel? Here are the pros and cons to me about selling the car and getting into the V8...

PROs of getting into a GT

1) Its a V8! and there is nothing like the sound of a V8!
2) The car out performs so many cars in its class
3) I drove the 2015 and it comes stock with 373s, cold air intake, and a throw shifter
4) I may be able to buy a 2011-2014 GT and save the wheels, tires, and GPS

Cons of getting into a GT

1) I would have to sell my 2011 Harley Davidson 48 1200cc motorcycle to get into a GT (I attached a pic)
2) My V6 is paid off and I could put a blower in it to pull the same HP as a V8 and maybe only lose 2 MPG?
3) I lose a lot of $ by selling my car
4) I would lose my gas mileage ( I get 18-25 in my car) and I know a V8 the way I drive it, I would get 12-14mpg (City is what I drive everyday). What are you GT drivers out there getting with 373s for MPGs in the CITY?

All input is greatly appreciated! Attached are pics of my car and the bike I would have to sell. I would most likely sell the bike down the road anyway. I am pretty torn right now so input is appreciated...




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I just love the body style of the 2012-2014. If I sold the bike, car and used $ for pro charger I could prob get in a 2012 GT. Maybe lol

- Rick


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I agree with Crumba60 on both points. That' a very tough decision. Though I would say you should definitely try to get an idea of what you could get for your car and bike combined. If you can get a decent amount of money out of both the Mustang and the Bike (and not lose too much) you should definitely get a GT, you absolutely wont regret it. I traded in my '07 V6 Pony Package last year for my 2013 GT Premium and cant believe I waited as long as I did, lol.


If u aint 1st, your last
I would only agree with u on selling your vs for a gt if u bought a 2015 performance pack gt. I love my 2015 pp gt and will not be selling it anytime soon. The car is very refined and very sporty in performance pack form. Otherwise keep the v6 and have fun And enjoy no car payments.


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These are great points. I drove the 2015 and let me tell you... Fell in love almost instantly. It's a beast! If I could get into a 2015 that would be my preference since Ford redesigned the whole car. MUSTANG02GT are you getting 14mpgs? Or better?. You have. Six speed? I'm only a city driver so the benefit of my car is certainly the mileage I get. What are you getting city? I noticed that I always seem to get the city mpg no matter what. Does that go for the 2015 or did Ford finally get accurate with their "combined mpgs" ?

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Eric Chan

No problem. A buddy of mine has a 2011 V6 with Roush axlebacks and that thing is pretty fun so I bet yours would be even more so. Would love to hear what your car sounds like.


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Shes pretty mean for a V6. The 373 Ford Racing Gears rip and the other bolt ons only add to the fun like you said. Hope to meet all of you guys soon.

frank s

at Play in San Diego, CA
From the viewpoint of a person who thinks the V6 makes a more beautiful, musical sound than a lumpy V8:

Keep the nicely modified V6 and put a couple hundred dollars away every payday for a year or two. The car will be worth as much then as it is now, trade-in-wise. Meantime you will change, the world will change, and maybe your taste in cars will change. Perhaps Dodge will come out with a car that has twice the performance and fuel efficiency for half the money. You never know.

Ninety-five percent of car mods and up-trades are done just to prove the modder and up-changer can do it. The "Why do you climb Mt Everest?" syndrome: "Because it's there".

Ninety-five percent of modifications are never used within five percent of their potential. They are there because it feels good to know they are there. If something significant depends on a good port-and-polish job on your cylinder head, on the bench it goes. The small fractions of improvement parameters may actually result in a worthwhile outcome. For most of us, the satisfaction of knowing the work has been done will have to suffice. Things become like jewelry at some point. The value must be agreed upon; it certainly is not a measure of usefulness.

The test of whether or not you should change cars would be how you feel sitting in the driver seat when you cruise up to a meet-and-greet or some other place car people congregate. If the main determinant is that you know it has eight cylinders and you would feel bad with only six, your question is answered. If it's more important that you are satisfied you have more performance available than any rational street driver needs, and that you have marshaled your resources efficiently, been as good to yourself as you need to be, and took the path that fit you best, seems as if you don't need to make any changes. If there is any car question that keeps you awake at night, you have way too much invested in cars.

With regard to MPG, my (previous) 2013 six-speed manual V8 with factory 3.73s got as much as 28 on long trips, as little as 14 during drag-racing and autocross weeks, but averaged almost 20 from day one to seven thousand miles, when I traded it for the one-year-newer automatic V8 with 3.15s (OMG!), which gets 27 or so on the long road, 14 during drag and autocross weeks, and has averaged almost 20 over the 2,600 miles since new.

But I don't care what MPG it gets. I feel really, really good looking at it, working on it, polishing it, driving it, and sitting in the driver seat when I cruise up to a bunch who understand cars. And I know from experience that if it sounded as good as my 2006 automatic V6 Mustang convertible with FRPP dual exhaust Part two, it would be perfect.

Edit: Add V6 with GTA mufflers Part One
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Now to answer the gas mileage question my 2013 GT with 3.31 gets up to 26 highway with a 91 octane BAMA street tune and a 101mm Steeda CAI and about 17-18 City. Over the last 3000 miles I've gotten an average of 19.1 combined. Now my girlfriend Bree has a 2011 GT with Pypes Axelback exhaust and 3.73 and she is gets up to 25-26 mpg highway and gets about 17-18 mpg city as well. Over the last 1000 miles shes averaged 18.9 mpg combined. So as you can see there is really not much difference between our two cars.

Now in my honest opinion, Frank is absolutely right, keep your car. In the end its how you perceive your car. If your embarrassed to say that you own a V6 than maybe the trade for a V8 is the choice. In retrospect however, if you were to procharge your car with the already impressive list of mods that you have done to it, it will give a large portion of the V8's out there a very solid run for their money and a would guarantee that some would learn the hard way not to underestimate a V6.