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Winner Kritter - "I will never own a mustang!"


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
"I will never own a mustang!" was my constant comment to my husband anytime the subject came up. He has loved Mustangs since he was a kid and owned quite a few. I on the other hand was a "ricer." I loved my import car. I had a Mitsubishi Eclipse, with sound system, rims, tint, custom inside, silver & blue all around. I loved my car. I loved the cockpit feel, the looks I got, the whole package. In 2012 my husband and I were in a car accident that resulted in my beloved ricer being totaled. I had had her for 12 years and only had 60,000 miles on her. I got a pretty good cash out, but this meant I was now on the hunt for a new vehicle. With husband in tow, and driving his 2011 Mustang we visited car lot after car lot. I test drove around 30 vehicles from Mitsubishi to Crystlers to Jeeps to Suburus, I even sat in a Camero & Charger, tried Mini Coopers, and trucks. I was done! I was about to purchase a Mazda Speed3 , financing was in process when my husband (josh) looked at me and said "You don't love it do you?" I said "no! but I am tried of shopping!" Josh said "there is one car I want you to look at, it is on the lot, it is a yellow mustang." My first reaction was NO!, but since my first car has been yellow (the one before my Mitsubishi) I agreed to test drive it. Josh told the sales guy I could not do the Mazda Speed 3 and please bring the mustang around for me to look at. I was just done with the whole mess! But then I heard the mustang start from the other side of the parking lot and I instantly turned to see where that wonderful sound was coming from, it was coming from the car I was about to test drive! I got into the cockpit style front seat, examined the all black leather seats, the black interior, it was an automatic and it fit me perfectly! Right then my face started to light up! There was hope after all. I hit the gas to leave the parking lot and felt the power of the V8 and I knew! I told Josh "This is my car!" I fell in love with my baby beast from the first time I heard her engine roar to life! I continue to fall in love with her every time I see her across a parking lot, waiting outside for me as I leave to go somewhere and while we are driving down the street turning heads. She has brought me to this fabulous club, I have met so many fabulous people all because I own a kick@ss 2006 Screaming Yellow GT!!! I am now a Mustang Girl/Wicked Stang until I die!

Congrats to @Kritter she just won a awesome looking Wicked Stangs T-Shirt please PM me your size and color you would like... Again Congrats.


SeaTac President
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Congrats Kassy,
Moving story. I remember the hard core love you had for ricers circa "Mysfit Toyz" glad to see you made the crossover into the fold. you have brought a lot of insight and growth to the club and really took the vision mindset and ran with it! Loving every minute!!!!
Soji, Josh & I just want to make you proud =) We miss you being around and remember how dedicated you were when here. Wicked Stangs is truly a way of life. A good, honest and fun way of life! =) Hugs