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I am new on here. But does anyone know how to get in touch with wicked stang group out of Tulsa, Ok? I was trying to find out when they meet every week and future events. Doesn't look like anyone has been keeping up with the Tulsa Chapter.
Some chapters operate on Facebook. There is a group on there. It's called Wicked Stangs Tulsa, OK Chapter. You can try to request to join the group or send a PM on there.
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Thanks for the reply ST3RL1NGY3LLOW, that is helpful. I don't have a Facebook but wife does so maybe I can check it out with her Facebook. Thanks!
If they are a closed group and don't post on here, how are they still a part of WickedStangs?
They just communicate mostly through their FB page i suppose. New member most likely contact them to be added and find out whats going on. I requested to join their sight awhile back to find out about their events but got no response. I suppose because I was out of OKC and not in their area IDK.
Welcome to the forum. Please come out to our next event, Dyno Shootout on 2/28 or the monthly meeting on 3/4 at Perry Ford of National City. I'll be sure to have New Member applications available to fill out. Ashley told me you were interested in possibly becoming a member.


Spring Valley, CA
Hi thank you,what time is the dyno shootout and the perry meet
Welcome to WickedStangs!
The Dyno Shootout starts at 8am and go on all day.
The monthly meeting at Perry Ford starts at 6pm.
Go to the event tab above and click on the monthly calendar, it has events listed for the month and their time and location.


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Hi my name darrion stoute. Im new to this forum i went to my first wicked stang meet this wendsday. Just like to introduce myself. Im from lake arthur, LA. I grew up in Glen Burnie ,MD. I joined the navy straight out of high school. Im stationed in san diego, CA. I own a 2006 ford mustang gt. I have recently been adding and buying new parts for my stang. And im into drag racing ive been to 2 or 3 events so far. And well i want to join because i want to be around a group of people that have all the same interests as me in my car.