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Roush Front Fascia Install

Anyone have experience with removing and putting on a new front fascia on 05-09 Mustangs? As some of you may know I have a brand new already painted Roush front fascia. I am tired of this thing sitting in my living room. Some places want $250 to $300 to install. I think anything above $200 is high. Would anyone know how difficult it would be to do this task?


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ok guys Vapor and I are going to install this thing at my house.. if you want to come i have limited parking... looking to start around 1:30 tomorrow afternoon.
Ok, I am hoping I have everything for tomorrow. Just got done mounting the fog lights in the front fascia. From what I have gathered from Roush is that their front ends go on with the OEM mounting hardware. I have what is required including the bottom close out panel and hardware for that. Hopefully this will go fairly smooth. Looking forward to the facelift.
They are fairly easy when it is the front and rear replacements where an accident and damage are not involved. All parts should line up without a hitch. I did the rear ends on our 2010's, but Gwen and Leilani did the front conversion on her Stang. From what I heard it lasted most of the day with both of them. That was a V-6 to GT conversion running wiring that did not exist before for the fogs and a factory fog light switch replacement in the dash http://www.wickedstangs.com/communi...games-begin-hubby-gave-the-green-light.18836/.

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ROUSH FASCIA HAS BEEN INSTALLED!!! Wanted to say thanks to Jon (Northerncountry) for helping me out with this install. Without him there would of been NO WAY I could of done this myself. I appreciate the help and it won't go unnoticed. Thanks again Jon. I owe you. More pictures and narrative to follow regarding the removal and install of the front fascia. View attachment 6138
Looks awesome!!