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SFI Fire Jackets Rating Info


Well-Known Member
I am going to post a link and I think EVERYONE racing should read it.

I have seen most of you buying the single layer fire jackets, which are the 3.2A/1 rated jackets. They give you a whole 3 seconds of fire protection!

For $60 more you can buy a jacket rated at 3.2A/5 with a TTP of nearly 25. This means somewhere around the range of 15 seconds of fire protection. How long does it take for fire crews to get you at your track?? More then anything, if you were in a wreck and put up against a hot exhaust (more likely then fire), you are protected as well.

Anyone every had 2nd Degree burns??? $60 well spent!!!

Seriously, I have seen some members who race putting safety last on the list. Or buying cheap gear. Then I see members new to racing following their example.

I myself have been a bad example recently and I know better being a professional driver on and off most of my life and seeing the horrors of accidents. You can't go overboard, but speaking for myself I am changing my ways. A new fire jacket, head restraint are on the way. And for one of my cars a roll bar and driveshaft loop are going in.

Here is the link: http://www.sfifoundation.com/driversuit.html