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Shocks and struts


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I have the shocks right now ....they are the sh** . They helped me cut four tenths of my 1/4 and 1/8 mile time. They are extra noisy though .....

I can't wait to install the struts .


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well that pretty much sums it up then. What coil over spring should i get? Like I said... when I do this... I'm doing it Right!


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well that pretty much sums it up then. What coil over spring should i get? Like I said... when I do this... I'm doing it Right!
That's the second time you said that!
I need to know if FOR SURE your intent is drag racing. If it is, here is my reccomendation.
I know I'm not an authorized vendor or advertiser on this site, but you asked for the best.
PSR make one of the best designed and engineered K-members and A-arms on the market. The first time I saw one in person, I was very impressed and had installed everyone on the market, save the Kenny Brown. The one I examined was one that was clear powder coated and you could see the quality of raw welds and the amount of heat penetration. That's what first struck me. The more I examined the k-member the more I saw that I liked and impressed me.
That was over 3 years ago and my first impression has not lessened and has actually grown. The blue Mach1 in my "Wild Bill Rescue" photoshoot has had one on the car for almost 45K miles and no problems have arisen in that time. I know of no fitment problems nor and other problems in well over 700 units sold in over 5 years now.
Enough of that. I'll post the 5.0 magazine article at the end for what those are worth.

Strange shock and struts are nice, but they are noisy, or can be, and they seem to not last as long as other alternatives. A very nice alternative that is relatively inexpensive, yet performs GREAT is the KYB AGX shocks and struts. They give great adjustability and work outstanding at the track and on the street. I've cut 1.39 60 ft using these as part of my set up with only 450RWHP. I can adjust to any track that I go to and run dead consistent.
UPR makes a great and inexpensive coilover kit that works great. For most applications used in a street/drag situation, I recommend a 175lb/14 inch spring. It's firm enough to run on the street, yet will also help transfer weight great and the 14 in. stores enough energy to help with weight and also helps keep the coilover set up quiet. With shorter springs, the coilovers can become noisy and that's irritating to me.
Caster and camber plates have only one choice in my book for a street/strip application and that's the Maximum Motorsports 4 hole CC plates........NONE better period.

The car in this article in my good friend Shane's Mach1 and it has roughly 36K miles since that instal with no problems at all.


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car is a daily driver so i definatly need street strip. while i say i want to do it right. i also have a spending limit sadly and the limit is near exactly what these are gonna cost


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well this was made a sticky so... lets get some tech info posted up. Eric Help me out man. lets start showing people what levels of suspensions can be installed and the pro's cons