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Upgrade the Rear End Axle


DSG in the hisouse!
Staff member
Biggest misconception is one is stronger than the other, they are not. Biggest problem faced is lack of fusion with tig if you see the puddle not fuse you just hit it with the torch and fuse it. With mig it is a little harder to ensure complete fusion. Sequencing your weld also plays a big factor. Both have their advantages and drawbacks.


DSG in the hisouse!
Staff member
And as you stated earlier you weren't happy with the weld I didn't see anything wrong with it looks damn good. Trust me I've seen way worse. Are you walking the cup or freehand?
I'm not sure if this turned into a dick measuring contest, but it sure feels that way. I'm not trying to tell you or anyone else how to weld. As a matter of fact I don't really know much about welding. Never claimed I did.

A few people have trusted me and I guess I've done ok by them.
If you feel better migging cast to mild steel by all means go for it. I'm just doing what I was taught by an engineer who has been doing this since the early 70's and through trial and error has come up with this process.

To answer your question it is freehand.


Crew Chief
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Rear end complete and back on the ground. Took her out for a test drive today and woke up the neighborhood.

Here are a few pics of her back on the rubber.


Tell the cops nothing!
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Man I can't wait for the meet in july when all our cars will hopefully be done and we can line them in the parking lot and rep WS